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Pacific Rim: Uprising [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** A follow up film to Guillermo Del Toro's 2013 film "Pacific Rim", which will continue the story of mankind's battle against invading Kaiju from where it left off in the first movie.

Hurricane Heist [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub ***<< Rating X16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 and above. No children under the age of 16. >> A Category 5 hurricane is set to strike the Gulf coastline and at the same time, a team of tech hackers plan to loot USD600 million from the local treasury facility. A meteorologist, a treasury agent and the meteorologist's ex-Marine brother are the only people left on the deserted beach town. It is up to them to stop the robbery.

Konsert Hora Horey Didi And Friends [Malay] No Subt *** "Konsert Hora Horey Didi & Friends" is screened for the first time in cinemas nationwide. The film features new songs as well as popular songs that have been rearranged especially for it. It also features a new concept and storyline and new characters.

Lee Chong Wei [Mandarin] Eng/Mly/Chn Sub *** The movie tells the inspirational story of Malaysia's badminton legend, Lee Chong Wei. Born in a poor family, he never gave up despite the difficulties he went through. His determination led to him becoming the professional badminton player and national hero that he is today.

Peter Rabbit [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** A modern interpretation of the Beatrix Potter stories starring the fictional animal character, Peter Rabbit. This comedy adaptation will focus on the rivalry between the mischievous rabbit and Mr. McGregor.

Sherlock Gnomes [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** Johnny Depp voices the titular Sherlock Gnomes, a legendary detective hired by Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) to investigate a series of disappearance involving garden gnomes in London.

A Wrinkle In Time [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace, have been without their scientist father, Mr. Murry, for five years, ever since he discovered a new planet and used the concept known as a tesseract to travel there. Joined by Meg's classmate Calvin O'Keefe and guided by the three mysterious astral travelers known as Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which, the children brave a dangerous journey to a planet that possesses all of the evil in the universe.

KL Special Force [Malay] English Subtitles *** Datuk Rosyam Nor, Syamsul Yusof and Fattah Amin star in this action movie by Syafiq Yusof. It follows a special police unit force that is trying to bring down a robbery gang led by Syamsul Yusof's character, Asyraff.

Tomb Raider [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** The film is based on the 2013 action-adventure video game of the same name which also serves as a reboot for the origins of the Lara Croft character as she grows into the hardened and thrill-seeking Tomb Raider. After uncovering clues left behind by her father in England, the plot brings Lara to the sinister Japanese island of Yamatai, that hides many secrets and tomb-raiding adventures.

Game Night [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** << Rating X16 - Suitable for persons aged 16 and above. No children under the age of 16. >> A group of friends who meet regularly for game nights find themselves trying to solve a murder mystery.

Black Panther [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** Set after the events of "Captain America: Civil War", T'Challa returns to Wakanda as the country's king, but finds his position challenged by a long-time rival and certain Black Panther [Eng] Mly/Chn Sub *** factions within his own country in a conflict that may affect countries outside of Wakanda. The Black Panther is left with little choice but to team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and the Dora Milaje, Wakanda's very own special forces, to prevent the country from being dragged into a world war