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The Mall Cineplex
22 Jump Street 2 Blockbuster
Running Time: 108 mins
11:25AM 1:30PM 3:40PM 5:50PM 8:00PM 10:10PM
3D Hercules The Thracian Wars
Running Time: 93 mins
11:35AM 5:20PM
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
Running Time: 120 mins
12:20PM 2:40PM 5:00PM 7:20PM 9:40PM
Deliver Us From Evil
Running Time: 114 mins
Earth to Echo
Running Time: 84 mins
12:00PM 4:00PM
Fault In Our Star Blockbuster
Running Time: 117 mins
1:20PM 3:40PM 6:00PM 7:50PM
Hercules The Thracian Wars Blockbuster
Running Time: 93 mins
11:25AM 11:50AM 1:30PM 1:50PM 3:25PM 3:50PM 5:50PM 7:15PM 7:50PM 8:20PM 9:10PM 9:50PM 10:15PM
Lion Men Part 2
Running Time: 106 mins
12:05PM 2:15PM 5:45PM 8:05PM 10:05PM
Mat Tudong
Running Time: 87 mins
4:25PM 6:15PM 10:15PM
Running Time: 84 mins
8:45PM 10:30PM
Transformers 4
Running Time: 158 mins
12:00PM 2:55PM 5:50PM