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The Mall Cineplex
Ah Boy to Men 3: Frogman Blockbuster (PG)
Running Time: 150 mins
11:15AM 2:10PM 4:05PM 7:00PM 8:50PM 9:30PM
Alien Outpost BBuster
Running Time: 87 mins
11:20AM 4:30PM 7:40PM 9:50PM
Chappie (PG)
Running Time: 116 mins
Cinderella Blockbuster (U)
Running Time: 111 mins
11:35AM 11:35AM 1:45PM 1:50PM 3:05PM 5:05PM 7:20PM 9:50PM
Home Blockbuster (U)
Running Time: 88 mins
10:50AM 1:10PM 3:55PM 5:05PM 7:00PM
I Fine Thank You Love You (U)
Running Time: 117 mins
Indigenous Blockbuster (PG)
Running Time: 77 mins
11:30AM 1:10PM 2:50PM 4:40PM 5:50PM 8:10PM 9:50PM
Insurgent BBuster (U)
Running Time: 110 mins
10:55AM 12:35PM 2:50PM 5:20PM 7:35PM 9:35PM
Isyarat Cinta Blockbuster (U)
Running Time: 88 mins
6:20PM 7:40PM
Jengka Blockbuster (PG)
Running Time: 84 mins
1:10PM 2:55PM 6:20PM 8:05PM 9:55PM
Spongebob Movie BBuster (U)
Running Time: 87 mins